Project Planning

Project Planning
ADG provides comprehensive real estate development planning, project management, design concepts, project team management, occupancy services and more. Experienced professionals oversee every project, ensuring that timelines, quality controls, and budgets are met.

At ADG, our stellar project management team is committed to a carefully designed and executed multi-step process guiding the property from inception to completion and ensuring the highest quality standards and attention to detail along the way.

With team leadership, diligent project planning and effective oversight of the construction process, ADG project managers orchestrate the talents of many players balancing various needs and interests to effectively execute a high performance building process throughout all phases of construction.

A deep knowledge of the industry provides the team with the tools and insights needed to effectively manage any project, regardless of type, size, scope or location. To increase customer satisfaction and maximize return on investment, ADG will be charged with implementing management techniques to control changes in key factors including scope, cost, schedule, design and quality of construction.

Through the use of proven strategies, the planning team delivers solutions designed to meet the needs of each unique project. Services and capabilities within the capacity of project planning and management include:

  • Market demand research
  • Definition of project objectives and scope
  • Budget and breakdown of construction costs
  • Conceptual planning and preliminary design
  • Detailed design and engineering, construction plans and specifications, compliance with building codes
  • Scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Bidding process and trade buy-outs
  • Contracts
  • Procurement and construction
  • Quality control of the workmanship and finished product
  • Start-up for occupancy and acceptance of facility

ADG is guided by the core belief that improvements in quality during all aspects of a property development project lead directly to reduced operating costs and increased satisfaction for all stakeholders. Armed with this knowledge, the project planning and management group will develop and implement strategies, tactics and tools to control key factors ensuring each venture is completed within budget, on time and exceeds all required and expected quality standards.