Marketing & PR

ADG’s marketing communications services are designed to use the most appropriate tactics and strategies to create a comprehensive marketing and public relations campaign customized for optimum project success.

Ready…Product Branding, Building Identity & Creation of Marketing Materials Remaining true to the target audience, ADG’s creative team will navigate the development and branding process while simultaneously drawing on tools and expertise to recommend a strong building identity. All aspects of this identity including the logo and signage will reflect the elite property and its unique position in the market.

With an understanding of customers’ needs and wants, the innovative group will develop an effective and user-friendly website that captures and communicates the brand identity of the property. ADG will continue to reach potential customers through collateral materials to include brochures and various sales documents available in print and on the web. Additional branded promotional items will be introduced to support and reinforce the campaign as needed.

Set…Advertising for Print and Electronic Messaging

A dynamic advertising campaign will be cultivated to drive potential customers to the project including direct mail material designed for both print and electronic messaging. The ADG marketing group will monitor and measures sales and advertising traffic, making adjustments as needed to maintain marketplace leadership in a rapidly changing environment.

Go! Product Launch, Delivery and Continued Guidance

A comprehensive launch strategy will be formulated to create a buzz and stimulate market interest. During this phase of the marketing and public relations campaign, the team specializes in launch parties and special events to spotlight the model properties and peak project interest. Combining logistical and event expertise, ADG will work diligently to build product awareness and generate media coverage.

As branding and marketing strategists, ADG’s marketing communications services are charged with developing a road map for success and maximum effect: capturing the development’s brand identity, creating materials that attract the intended audience and then delivering that message with a memorable punch. Ready to be knocked out?